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Customer story: Lead Desk

Huge improvements and more to unlock

150% faster release testing
3X frequent shipping
-50% reported UI bugs
-20% time spent on testing

To ensure high quality while making frequent updates, LeadDesk needed a tool which could check the functioning of new software rapidly. By automating its testing with Usetrace, LeadDesk has cut both its release testing time and the number of reported User Interface (UI) bugs by 50%

Background: International Sales at Fast Pace

Besides being the industry leading call center cloud software in the Nordic countries, LeadDesk provides its services in over 15 nations in Europe. LeadDesk’s users make more than 3 million calls and handle over 100 000 orders every week. Due to the rapid pace of call center operations, LeadDesk’s software requires regular enhancements based on users’ needs and feedback.

Goal: Frequent Releases with Top Quality

LeadDesk’s goal was to swiftly respond to user feedback by shipping continuous updates. In addition to minimizing the software release cycle, LeadDesk wanted to maintain outstanding software quality – a critical aspect for the sales success of its clients.

Solution: Test Automation without Programming

In an effort to make high-quality releases often, LeadDesk had previously tried to reduce repetitive testing on many occasions. “We had tried different test frameworks to automate our UI testing,” says Teemu Haikala, LeadDesk’s QA Lead. “However, scripting and maintaining tests were too time-consuming for us.” Having examined several alternatives, LeadDesk’s team discovered Usetrace, a codeless test automation tool based on Selenium. “Usetrace’s new approach to testing appeared promising, and we decided to try how it would work for us. After a successful trial, we made a one-year deal.”

Today, LeadDesk automates the top 50 use cases for its call center software with Usetrace. Each time LeadDesk’s developers make a new update, the tests are run to check that the software works in different browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox. The test results are then automatically sent to LeadDesk’s team via e-mail.

Results: Higher Quality in Shorter Time

As a result of testing with Usetrace, LeadDesk’s manual testing work has decreased by 20%. Furthermore, the time spent on testing each upcoming release has been cut by half. “As Usetrace tests part of the core features automatically every day, our testers save hours of their time for each software release we make,” Haikala explains. Through combined time savings from increased automation and a shift from Scrum to Kanban, LeadDesk has also shortened its release cycle from three weeks to only one week. Meanwhile, the number of reported UI bugs has dropped by 50%. “Our customers get improvements quicker than before with fewer reported UI bugs. Thanks to the automation, we can focus on testing new features instead of checking old features over and over again. This enhances both testing speed and release quality.”

All in all, LeadDesk’s small test set in Usetrace has now grown into a significant efficiency booster. In fact, LeadDesk plans to increase its automated UI regression test coverage from 20% to 60% in the future. “Testing with Usetrace has brought clear benefits for our team – and there is a lot more to leverage,” Haikala concludes.

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