Visit to Mozilla Work Week

We visited Mozilla Work Week in San Francisco to get feedback on Usetrace and to learn about Mozilla’s new Marionette automation technology.

We were honored with a possibility to demo Usetrace to Mozilla Web QA team on 17th of Jan. Our vision is to provide the best automated TaaS solution covering all aspects of testing software from users perspective – and ultimately reduce the bug density in all software meant to be used by humans by an order of magnitude.

The Mozilla QA team showed us what’s happening with Firefox OS and how they test it automatically with Marionette. We want to provide a TaaS service to mobile app developers, so they can easily have their apps systematically and frequently tested from the cloud, so we were very excited to hear about Marionette, that our architecture already supports.

Here’s me looking like the Pope and showing off the Usetrace editor!

Usetrace offers the first complete end-to-end web testing solution in the cloud. You write, maintain and run tests in our web service – everything in one context. Request an invite at