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UI Test Automation

Usetrace is a browser-based testing tool that records, scripts, tests, and validates user flows within your software applications and environments. It’s tailor-made for Product Owners and Dev teams, enabling them to model and rigorously test end-users’ interactions across your applications

Listen to what our customers have to say

I’ve been searching for a browser-based testing framework for years. It’s nice to get automation from a recorder. We can build our automated test suites 10x faster. We then run them through our CI with our unit and integration tests. It works flawlessly.

Lead Developer

Usetrace has made my job as a QA lead so much easier, and it has transformed the way we approach testing. Our testing process has become almost completely automated, and the manual work no longer exists.

QA Lead

Usetrace has been a game-changer for our team. As a Product Manager, I could record my standard regression tests and drastically reduced our pre-release testing - no more manual regression tests of the same suites until the end of time.

Product Manager

How it works?

Usetrace is a simple but powerful software automation tool that tests your web app user interfaces to ensure they work as expected each and every time you deploy a new code.

Usetrace can be used to automate everyday testing tasks by allowing you to build “traces” that can be used to mirror complex user flows such as creating accounts, login-in, ordering products and posting comments plus everything in between.

Usetrace then automatically repeats these traces, testing your site the way your customers use it and using real browsers.
Traces can be scheduled to run periodically on your site, or every time you update the code meaning continuous deployment becomes a reality.

If your team is familiar with Selenium or other scripted methods,
Usetrace can do the scripting work for you, and you can focus on more creative tasks.

Need additional support building those tests?
Well, we help with that too!

Our team of experienced Quality Automation engineers can work alongside your software engineering and DevOps teams to ensure quality is embedded deep into the fabric of your software development and automated release processes.

We’ll help you capture key user flows and test them with continuous integration by mirroring the process already used for unit, integration, and functional testing meaning you can hit the ground running and dramatically improve productivity from day one by streamlining and removing testing bottlenecks.

Know the latest code works!

With Usetrace you always ensure your customers experience a working service. Each time new code is released, Usetrace automatically runs all traces. Cloud computers complete the tasks your customers would—with real browsers—ensuring the back-end tech, the front-end code and content are all working nicely together and business runs smoothly.

Take a look at some of the benefits of using Usetrace.


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Improved Software Quality

Automated testing catches bugs and errors early, leading to higher software quality and a stable application.

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Ease of Collaboration

Provides a platform for effective collaboration between Product Owners and Development Teams with easy to read test cases.

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CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, ensures automatic test execution and no regressions.

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Handles testing across different browsers, devices, and environments for a robust application.

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Detailed Reporting

Provides comprehensive reports and analytics for monitoring application performance and making data-driven decisions.


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Consistent User Experience

Ensures a consistent user experience across various environments and browsers.

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Easy to use

The simple yet powerful interface can be used by non-technical teams to build comprehensive test coverage, quickly and efficiently.

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Efficient Testing

Simplifies testing user flows in web applications with quick creation and customisation of test cases, reducing manual testing.

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Faster Time-to-Market

Immediate feedback on changes allows for faster iterations and quicker release of updates and new features.

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User Flow Validation

Models and tests user flows, identifying usability issues for an improved user experience.

Turn-Key Integrations with Usetrace.

Case Study: Lead Desk

Substantial gains and more to unlock with Usetrace.

To ensure high quality while making frequent updates, LeadDesk needed a tool which could check the functioning of new software rapidly. By automating its testing with Usetrace, LeadDesk has cut both its release testing time and the number of reported User Interface (UI) bugs by 50%.

The Numbers

Read the full case study here.