Boost Test Automation by Forking

If you’re looking for something new and thrilling in software testing, this new feature might be it.

Today we released a new unique feature that we haven’t seen in any other software testing tools. Forking of traces! You can save time in trace creation by forking an existing trace from any point and then testing something else than the original trace.

Many of our traces, paths through the application, share identical beginnings. For example many of them first login and then test something unique. It is useful to have narrowly defined traces because that gives you better understanding and faster feedback for what is working and what is not than if you only had one huge trace testing everything possible. However this fine-grained separation of traces has meant that you have needed to define the shared parts again and again. Not anymore!

Forking saves your time. Example: First create a login test, then fork all other traces from
the point where the user has been logged in. Now you are only defining the unique parts of
each trace.

What if the shared trace part changes? We are inventing new ways to deal with trace maintenance. Stay tuned for more updates and get the latest news via Twitter.