Real-Time Test Reporting From Usetrace With Flowdock

Faster communication, faster results. With Flowdock we can gather all relevant information in one place and monitor the entire development process.

We are using Flowdock as the main place of communication for the team. As it works really well as a team chat and replaced IRC completely, it also is a great place to concentrate all the relevant information regarding our development process. Flowdock has made this possible by offering a large number of integrations so that we can monitor the whole build process from the first commit all the way to the end-to-end tests.

The state of your product is something that is relevant to the whole team and therefore we brought the Usetrace test reports in real-time where the team is. This way we catch bugs before they reach production and the customers, before the bugs cost us money.

Below is an instruction on how you can get Usetrace to your Flowdock.

  1. Click your registered email/account name on the top right corner of the Usetrace Dashboard and choose Settings.
  2. Under Automatic Reports click the API token field next to the Flowdock icon and insert the Flowdock API token.
  3. Click Save and go to dashboard. Now you get reports to Flowdock every time your traces are run from the Dashboard or through automation.

If you have an idea of a tool Usetrace should have an integration for, let us know in Twitter or in Blog comments. If you haven’t already, create a free account at